Man in the Middle – the Images and Cameras 45 – 55

45 Pentax Spotmatic with 35mm Takumar f3,5 lens and expired Kodak Gold 100. Another reliable SLR which is easy to use and Spotmatics are just tireless.

no45;30dec2018;kodakgold100;pentax spotmatic;35mm3,5; mitm; row 3 x3;one big

Kodak Gold 100

45 pentax spot 35mm_dsf2966

Pentax Spotmatic 35mm f3,5 Takumar

46 Konica IIIA with 50mm f1,8 Hexanon lens and Kodak TMax100. This was an unexpected find on an auction site and what a brilliant viewfinder with a quirky shutter cocking and film advance lever in one. A unique rangefinder.

no46;20dec2018;tmax ;rod1pls50;11min 23c;konica 111a 50mmf1,8 mitm;row 2x5 ; big splash

Kodak TMax100 in Rodinal

46 konica 111a_dsf2921

Konica IIIa 50mmf1,8 Hexanon

47 Pentax Me Super with 50mm Pentax SMC f1,7 lens and Fuji Velvia 1996. Another beautiful Pentax and great SLR from the 80s.

no47;10jan2019; velvi;mitm; x3 frmes dark ; one frame; pentax me super 50mm f1,7

Fuji Velvia

47 pentax me super_dsf2991

Pentax ME Super 50mm f1,7 

48 Nikon F4 with 24-50 zoom lens at 24mm and expired Ilford Delta 100. This F4 was a late entry and it’s a heavy camera with the MB-21 and smooth shutter.

no48;5jan2019; delta100;14min 23c;rod1pls50;nikon f4;24-50; mitm row 1 x4 frames; flash last

Ilford Delta 100 in Rodinal

48 nikon f4_dsf2952

Nikon F4 24-50mm Nikkor

49 Canon F1 with 28mm f2,8 and expired Ilford Delta 100. Having never really owned a Canon camera other than the excellent digital compact G11, the F1 which was bought late 2018 with a motor drive was a pleasant surprise and a whole lot of camera.

no49;20dec2018;delta 100 2002; 14min rod 1pls50; 14min 23c 23c; canon f1 28mm f2,8 mitm;row 2 x4; big splash

Ilford Delta 100 in Rodinal

49 canon f1_dsf2954

Canon F1 28mmf2,8 Canon FD lens


50 Canon A1 with 50mm f1,8 and Agfa APX 100. This advanced and desirable black SLR from the 80s was another 2018 purchase and though it had very different ergonomics from the Nikon system is still a great performer.

no 50;22dec2018;apx100;rod1pls50;11min;22c; canon a1 row 2 x3; flash

Agfa APX 100 in Rodinal

50 canon a1 _dsf2973

Canon A1 50mm f1,8 Canon FD lens

51 Nikon F100 with Sigma 50mm f1,4 and expired Ektachrome 200 (2002). I had one of these top notch SLRs when they were introduced and it’s one of the finest Nikon cameras. I managed to track one down in 2018 and the Sigma lens is razor sharp.

no;51;10jan2019;e200;mitm;row 4 frame 1 ; wider ; nikon f100 sigma 50mm f1,4; could be tamron35

Kodak Ektachrome 200 

51 nikon f100_dsf2945

Nikon F100 Sigma 50mm f1,4

52 Nikkormat FT with 400mm f3,5 and Kodak Gold 200. This rough body was hand painted black by its previous owner and with a Nikon extension ring managed to focus close enough with the brilliant but manual telephoto lens.

no52;30dec2018;kodakgold200; mitm;nikkormat 400mm;row 4 x4;flash

Kodak Gold 200

52 nikkormat ft 400_dsf3039

Nikkormat FT 400mmf3,5 Nikkor

53 Nikon F60 with 35-80mm lens at 35mm and expired Fuji Velvia. This champagne coloured body was a gift and has worked flawlessly with a great time function.

no53;10jan2019;mitm velvia darl one; second ; nikon f60; 28-80

Fuji Velvia

53 nikon f60_dsf2972

Nikon F60 28-80 Nikkor

54 Leica M3 with 50mm f3,5 Elmar and expired Ilford Delta 100. Zan’s M3 with so much character and stories to tell. The weight in hand and the simplicity of these masterpieces create such a different feel to film photography.

no 54;26dec2018;delta100;rod1pls50;14min 23c; leica m3 zan 50;3,5 ; mitm; row 2 frm4; 2nd frame

Ilford Delta 100 in Rodinal

54 leica m3 zan_dsf2940

55 Nikonos III with 35mm lens and Kodak Gold 200. This tough underwater camera was a late entry but was perfectly suited to a close water splash. A solid camera with an unusual shutter release and a bulb function too

no55;30dec2018;nikonosiii;35mm2,5;kodakgold200;mitm row 3 frames x2;one frame

Kodak Gold 200

55 nikonos 111_dsf2853

Nikonos III 35mmf2,8 Nikkor

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