Man in the Middle – the Images and Cameras 34 – 44

34 Leica IIIF with 50mm f2 Summitar and EfkeKB14 (1992). Sharp and prone to flare but the viewfinders are not the easiest to focus. These collapsible lenses make these cameras so much more portable.

no34;12jan2019;efkekb14;rod1pls50;8min 22c; mitm leica 111f summarit 5cm row 5x5; one

Efke KB14 in rodinal

34 leica 111f_dsf2928

Leica IIIf 5ommf2 Summitar


35 Hasselblad Xpan with 45mm and Kodak TMax100. This exceptional panoramic 35mm camera has been a steady companion over the last few years although it does require a different shooting style. This was an outrageous and much appreciated gift from photographic friend Ian van Straaten.

no35;12jan2019;xpanplus;tmax100; rodinal 1pls 50 22c ; mitm ;12min; row 6x3 frames; mid

Kodak Tmax 100 in Rodinal


35 xpan 1_dsf3016

36 Hasselblad Xpan with 45mm and Kodak TMax100. During the shoot the first Xpan I used in the landscape format and the second camera in the vertical format thus being able to create a superimposed image I call XpanPlus as it looks like a + sign. Another ongoing project and another way I see the world.

no36;;12jan2019;xpanplus;tmax100; rodinal 1pls 50 22c ; mitm ;12min; row 6x3 frames; mid left splash vertmitm

Kodak Tmax 100 in Rodinal


36 xpan2_dsf2812

Hasselblad XpanII 45mmf4 lens

37 Linhof Technika IV with Schneider Symmar 240mm F5,6 convertible and expired Ilford Delta 100. This legendary large format 4×5 camera belonged to local photographer Bill Burger and I wish I used it more often.

no 37;20dec2018;delta 100 ; 14min rod 1pls50; 14min 23c; linhof technika iv 240mm ; big splash

Ilford Delta 100 in Rodinal

37 linhof technika 1v_dsf2871

Linhof Technika IV 240mm f5,6 Schneider Symmar convertible lens

38 Graflex Speed Graphic with 147 mm Kodak Ektar lens and 6×12 back with Fuji Provia. Another 4×5 camera but one which I hadn’t really used and with a focal plane shutter.

no38;10jan2019;slide;provia;fuji rdp111; 6x12; graflex ; mitm ; two frames;frame

Fuji Provia

38 graflex speed graphic_dsf2869

Graflex Speed Graphic 147mm Kodak Ektar lens

39 Kodak Stereo with 35mm lenses and Kodak Gold 100. A camera which produces two images of 23 x24 mm simultaneously. I tested the camera to make sure it works and was keen to use it for the unusual stereo look.

no39;30dec2018; kodak gold100;kodak stereo; mitm; one row 4 frmaes;2nd frame; combo stereo

Kodak Gold 100

39 kodak stereo_dsf3031

Kodak Stereo two 35mm lenses

40 Brownie No 2 with Lomography Earl Grey film. The Ford Model T of cameras which I took for a few spins before committing it to the project. The images have this soft ethereal look and it uses easily available 120 film.

no 40;26dec2018;earlgrey;rod1pls50;8min 23c; brownie ; mitm; row 3 frm1

Lomography Earl Grey 100 in Rodinal

40 kodak brownie_dsf2902

Kodak No2 Brownie 120

41 Mamiya C33 with 135mm f4,5 lens and Kodak Tri-X. I am fond of Mamiya cameras and having never had a Mamiya TLR this was a great buy to add to the collection.

no41;22dec2018; trix 400; rod1pls50 22c 13min; mamiya c33; row 2x2; flash

Kodak Tri-X in Rodinal

41 mamiya c33_dsf2891

Mamiya C33 135mm lens

42 Nikon D70s with 35-105mm zoom lens at 35mm. This was my first DSLR which was a game changer. Only 6 megapixels but still works and performs excellently.

no42_dsc5925;nikon d70s; 35-105mm at 35; f13;17dec2018

Nikon D70s ISO 200

42 nikon d70s_dsf3028

Nikon D70s 35-105 Nikkor

43 Rollei 35t with 40mm f3,5 Tessar lens and expired Agfa RSXII 200. This little mechanical gem with it’s collapsible lens has always had a certain appeal and it’s pretty sharp too.

no43; 10jan2019;agfa rsx 200; mitm rollei 35t f11 ; one

Agfa RSX11 200

43 rollei 35t_dsf2994

Rollei 35T 40mmf3,5 Tessar

44 Olympus OM10 with 50mm f1,8 and expired Kodak Gold 200. A sweet compact SLR and one I haven’t used much. It was a gift from a colleague Lukas Klopper many years ago.

no44;30dec2018; ; kodak gold 200; olympusom10 50mmf1,8?;mitm; row 5x3 frms; flare

Kodak Gold 200

44 olympusom10_dsf3025

Olympus OM10 50mmf1,8 Zuiko


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