Man in the Middle – the Images and Cameras 23 – 33

22 Nikon FE2 with 75-150 zoom lens and expired Fuji NPH400. Another classic 80s Nikon which was a kind gift from a colleague Piet Koornhof


no22;30dec2018;fujinph400;nikonfe2;75-150;mitm row 3 x3 frmes;big splash

Fuji NPH400

22 nikon fe2_dsf3009

Nikon FE2 75-150f3,5 Series E 

23 Nikkormat EL with 24mm f2,8 and Kodak Gold 200. Bought this in mint condition in the late 90s. Never used it much but a reliable and solid SLR.

no23;30dec2018;kodakgold200;nikkormatel 24mm;mitm; row 3 x3 frames; onefrm

Kodak Gold 200

23 nikkormat el_dsf2817


24 Nikon D610 with 16-35mm zoom lens at 16mm at ISO 100. Still a workhorse of a DSLR with a superb full frame sensor.

no24_d616156;nikon d610;16-35mm;f10;17dec2018

Nikon D610 ISO 100

24 nikon d610_dsf2949

Nikon D610 16-35mm f4 Nikkor

25 Nikon V1 with 30-110mm lens at 30mm and ISO 100. Really enjoyed these compact cameras with their 1 inch sensors and fantastic auto-focus. Just a pity about the ergonomics but have had plenty of fun with these on the street.

no25_dsc4399; nikon v1 30mm 26nov 2018

Nikon V1 ISO100

25 nikon v1 30-110_dsf2968

Nikon V1 30-110mm

26 Nikon V1 with 18,5mm lens at ISO 100. A great combo and form factor. Also able to use in bulb mode with Nikon ML-3 remote.

n026_dsc9027;nikon v1 18.5mm; f10;17;12;2018

Nikon V1 ISO100

26 nikon v1 18,5_dsf2851

27 Nikon J1 with 10mm lens and ISO100. Even smaller than the V1 and a cherished 50th birthday gift from my brother.

no27_dsc6520;nikon j1;10mm f10;17dec2018

Nikon J1 ISO100

27 nikon j1 10_dsf2855

28 Fuji X70 with fixed 18,5mm lens at ISO 200. A pocketable wonder of a travel camera that has impressed me with many memorable images. Tilting screen with a useful remote bulb mode too.

no 28_dsf8203; x70;17;12;2018

Fuji X70 ISO200

28 fuji x70_dsf2916

29 Fuji XPro1 with Samyang 12mm lens at ISO 200. Was so intrigued by the XPro1 as a hybrid digital rangefinder when it was launched and acquired a secondhand one later. Slow but quite a keeper.

no 29;dsf3266; fuji xpro1;12mm samyang iso200;26nov2018

Fuji XPRO1 ISO200

29 fuji xpro1_dsf2936

30 Fuji XT2 with 10-24mm zoom lens at 10mm and ISO 200. A mirrorless marvel and my daily camera currently with excellent analogue type dials.

no30_dsf9102; fuji xt2;10-24;17;12;2018

Fuji XT2 ISO200

30 fuji xt2 10-24_dsf2933

31 Fuji GL690 with 105mm f3,5 lens and Kodak Tri-X. A huge 6×9 metal rangefinder which became available on the local second hand market last year and one I was glad to add to the collection. Does produce beautiful portraits.

no31;22dec2018; trix rodinal 1pls50;22c; 13min; fujigl690; row 2 x1

Kodak Tri-X in Rodinal

31 fuji gl690_dsf2892

32 Voigtlander Brilliant with 75mm lens and Lomography RedScale film. This quaint pseudo TLR camera from the thirties was from my father’s collection and not one I really tried out before but on the shoot it probably produced my favourite image.

no32;30dec2018; lomo;redscale; c41; voigtlander brilliant - richard;mitm ;frame 7 double; col curve

Lomography RedSclae 100

32 voigtlander brilliant_dsf2961

33 Leica IIIb with 5cm Elmar3,5 and expired Ilford Delta 100. The two Leica IIIs were purchased from an amazing gentleman Zan Swartsberg close to twenty years ago and I would end up purchasing his original M3 in 2018. These rangefinders are truly mechanical masterpieces.

no33;20dec2018;delta 100 2002; 14min rod 1pls50; 14min 23c 23c; leica 111b 5cm elamr 3,5 mitm;row 3 x4; big splash

Ilford Delta 100 in Rodinal

33 leica 111b_dsf2931

Leica 111b Elmar 5cm f3,5


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