Man in the Middle – the Images and Cameras 12 -22

12 Holga120N with 60mm lens and Ilford HP5. Also a new black fantastic plastic camera that creates a unique look. One day I just put an African emblem on the front – a why not camera and fun experience.

no 12;22dec2018; hp5; rodinal 1pls 50; 13min; 22c; holga ; row 2 frame 2

Ilford HP5 in Rodinal

12 holga holga-120n

Holga 120N


13 Fuji GSW690III with fixed 65mm lens and Kodak Tri-X. Bought this new many years ago and a firm favourite. Referred to as the Texas Leica with large super sharp 6×9 negs.

no13;5jan2018;trix rod1pls50;13min fujigsw690;mitm row 1 frame 2nd

Kodak Tri-X in Rodinal

13 fuji gsw690111_dsf2802

Fuji GSW690III

14 Nikon D3200 with 18-55mm lens at ISO 100. Basic DSLR but solid nevertheless.

no14_dsc2338;nikon d3200;18-55 at 18mm; f10;17dec2018

Nikon D3200 ISO 100

14 nikon d3200_dsf2964

15 Leica M3 with Elmar 50mm f2,8 and Kodak TMax100. The classic of classics and I finally acquired one in 2018 – certainly lives up to all the hyperbole. These old lenses do flare shooting into the light.

no15;20dec2018;tmax ;rod1pls50;11min 23c;leic m3 elmarit 50mm f2,8; mitm;row 2 x4 ; flash

Kodak TMax100 in Rodinal

15 leica m3 elmar 2,8_dsf3020

Leica M3 SS Elmar 50mm f2,8

16 Nikon F with 24mm f2,8 and expired Fuji Velvia. The original F, built like a tank and a new acquisition with the intention of completing the F lineup with the exception of the F6. Useful T feature. This was shot on expired Fuji Velvia, my favourite film from the 90s.

no16;10jan2019;mitm;nikon f 24mm f2,8 velvia ;row 6 x2; one

Fuji Velvia

16 nikon f 24_dsf2821

Nikon F 24mm f2,8 Nikkor

17 Nikon F2 with 28mm f3,5 and Kodak Gold 100. One I’ve owned for many years – a reminder of my Dad’s cameras and a superb professional SLR which also has a useful T feature.

no17;30dec2018; nikon f2 24mm ;mitm; kodak gold 100; row 4 x2 frmsea; 1frm

Kodak Gold 100


Nikon F2 28mm f3,5 Nikkor

18 Nikon F3 with 50mm f1,4 and Efke KB14 expired 1992. I used one in 1982 for two weeks while Frank and Hirsh repaired my Nikon FE. A beautiful camera to hold and use which also one’s with a T feature. Managed to purchase one in 2018. Unfortunately I got the focus horribly wrong here and was shooting at a wider aperture but that is what the camera captured. A big thank you to Lawrance Brennon who gave me a large shoebox full of this film, slow and contrasty but still very usable.

no18;26dec2018;efke kb14;rod1pls50;8min 23c; nikon f3 50mmf1,4 ; mitm; row 5 frm2.; oof

Efke KB14 in Rodinal

18 nikon f3_dsf2834

Nikon F3HP 50mmf1,4 Nikkor

19 Nikon F4 with 105mm f2,8 Micro and expired Ektachrome 160T. This one has the MB-20 making it smaller and it too has a T feature. Have had it for many years and still it doesn’t feel dated despite it’s analogue interface. Never used this film before but it has been lying in the fridge for ages.

no19; 10jan2019; slide; kodak 160t ektachrome; 5037 ept; ; mitm nikon f4 nikon 105mm f2,8

Kodak 160T Ektachrome

19 nikon f4_dsf2842

Nikon F4 105mm f2,8 Micro-Nikkor

20 Nikon F5 with 50mm f1,8 and Kodak TMax100. Owned one for a while when it was current and it’s heavy beast but still a masterpiece of design. In 2018 I tracked one down thus completing my Nikon F lineup.

no20;20dec2018;tmax ;rod1pls50;11min 23c;nikon f5 50mmf1,8 mitm;row 3 x4 ; big splash

Kodak TMax100 in Rodinal

20 nikon f5_dsf2844

Nikon F5 50mmf1,8AF-S Nikkor

21 Nikon FE with 55mm f2,8 Micro and expired Fuji Superia. My second camera I owned and purchased in 1981 with an insanely sharp lens. It’s light meter was repaired last year and it will always have immense sentimental value for the numerous memories it captured.

no21;30dec2018;fuji superia100;mitm nikon fe 55mmf2,8; row 4 x5; big splash

Fuji Superia 100


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