Man in the Middle – the Images and Cameras – numbers 1-11

First eleven of 55 cameras that were used and a short description of each and the image captured.

1 Mamiya 7ii with 65mm lens and Kodak Ektar 100 film 2013. Certainly one of my favourite cameras. Super quiet, great build and exceptionally sharp lenses and large 6×7 negative.

no1;30dec2018; kodak ektar100; mamiya 7 ; 65mm;row2 x2 frames;frm2;better

Kodak Ektar

1 mamiya 7 65_dsf2810

Mamiya 7ii 65mm lens


2 Mamiya 7ii with 43mm lens and Fuji Acros. As above with an exceptional wideangle lens and a combination I highly favoured even managing some portraits with it.

no48;5jan2019; delta100;14min 23c;rod1pls50;nikon f4;24-50; mitm row 1 x4 frames; flash last

Fuji Acros in Rodinal

2 mamiya 7 43mm_dsf2797

Mamiya 7ii 43mm and external viewfinder

3 Mamiya RZ Pro II with 140mm lens and Kodak TMY 400. A versatile medium format SLR which I have had for many years and have used it for landscapes and portraits. Been a bit neglected the last few years.

no3; 22dec2018;mitm; tmy2;rod1pls50;11min; mamiya rz140; row 3 x1

Kodak TMY 400 in Rodinal

3 mamiya rzpro11_dsf2864

Mamiya RZ Pro ii and 140mm lens with AE prism

4 Plaubel Makina 69W Proshift SW with a fixed 47mm lens and Fuji Acros. A 6×9 camera that has a wideangle lens with movements for architectural photography which I’ve never really used but it has produced some of my personal favourite landscapes.

no4;22dec2018; fuji acros 13min; 22c; rod 1pls50; plaubel pro69; row3 2nd frame flash

Fuji Acros in Rodinal

4 plaubel pro69_dsf3012

Plaubel Makina 69W Proshift SW

5 Rollei SL66 with 40mm Distagon lens and Kodak Techpan 25. A fine 6×6 camera system with a tilting lens feature. Heavier than a Hasselblad but a kit I am fond of.

no5;20dec2018;rollsl66;techpan;rod1pls100;7min 23c; mitm;row 1 x2 ; splash

Kodak Technical Pan 25 in Rodinal

5 rollei sl66_dsf2875

Rollei SL66 40mm Distagon

6 Rolleiflex 3,5F with fixed 75mm Xenotar lens and Kodak Ektar. A stunning twin lens reflex camera that is compact and an icon of film photography.

no6;30dec2018;kodak ektar rolleiflex3,5f mitm ; row 2 frm1

Kodak Ektar

6 rolleiflex 3,5f_dsf2999

Rolleiflex 3,5F


7 Rolleiflex T with 75mm Tessar lens and Kodak TMY400. Another great TLR in the colour grey. Haven’t used this camera very often.

no7;20dec2018;rolleiflex t;tmy2 rod1pls50 11min 23c;; mitm;row 2x2; mitm

Kodak TMY400 in Rodinal

7 rolleiflex t_dsf2958

Rolleiflex T

8 Hasselblad 500CM with 80mm Planar lens and Fuji 160S. A legendary camera that is a joy to use.

no 8;30dec2018;fuji160ns;mitm row 2x2; one frame flash; hasselblad 500cm 80mm f2,8

Fuji 160NS

8 hasselblad 500cm_dsf2806

Hasselblad 500CM 80mm Planar

9 Pentax Spotmatic with 28mm Takumar f3,5 and expired Ektachrome 200. A solid camera but one which I have hardly used. The Pentax cameras used in the project were all generous gifts from a colleague Dr Herman van Schalkwyk.

no9; 10jan2019; slide; kodak e200;row 4 x2 ; second view 2 ; pentax spotmatic; 28mmf3,5

Kodak Ektachrome 200

9 pentax spot 28mm_dsf3033

Pentax Spotmatic 28mm f3,5 Takumar

10 Diana F with 75mm lens and Kodak TMY400. From the 1960s and these toy cameras certainly are fun and challenging at the same time. My first introduction to this unfamiliar world and obtained in 2018.

no10;5jan2019;tmy2;rod1pl50;13min;dianf ;mitm; row2x2 frames;oneframe

Kodak TMY400 in Rodinal

10 diana f_dsf2911

Diana F

11 Diana F+ with 75mm lens and Kodak Tri-X. A new toy camera in a red El Toro guise with a useful bulb lock clip. Light leaks can be creative if you’re lucky.

no 11;9dec2018;trix -rod1pls50;14min; diana fpls; row 2 frame; splash mitm

Kodak Tri-X in Rodinal

11 diana fpls_dsf2909

Diana F+


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